Support for Age Demands Action

A host of high profile supporters have joined the growing number of people calling for an end to age discrimination across the world.

They're supporting our Age Demands Action campaign because they believe that older people everywhere must be included in society as equal citizens with equal rights.

Albert Minott, 72, lead singer of the Jolly Boys

The video shows Albert Minott, lead singer of legendary Jamaican reggae band, The Jolly Boys talking about his support for Age Demands Action.

Desmond Tutu, 80, Archbishop and social justice campaigner

For over sixty years Archbishop Tutu has challenged injustice wherever he has seen it. A supporter of the campaign since 2008, in this video, Archbishop Tutu talks about Age Demands Action; why it is vital and how, by using the campaign, the voices of older people have "grown to a loud roar".

Rowan Williams, 61, Archbishop of Canterbury

"One of the ways we can tell what a society is really like is by the way it treats its most vulnerable members, older people among them.

"The International Day of Older People is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the contribution older people make to their families and communities and of how much we all benefit when we build and sustain a society that values all its members." 

Hugh Masekela, 71, South African trumpeter, composer and singer

Hugh Masekela supports Age Demands Action.

"Getting older doesn't mean you're worth any less than before. As an older man I'm still playing and recording music better than I've ever done.

"The stereotype that older people become weak, worthless and a burden on society is not true. It forgets the millions of aged people who are working hard.


"They're raising families, leading communities and offering experience to younger generations.

"I strongly support HelpAge International's Age Demands Action campaign which champions older people's rights and fights age discrimination.

"Age discrimination is misinformed and doesn't reflect the amazing contributions older people are making around the world today and will be making in generations to come."

Charles J. Ouda, Actor and Director, Kenya

Charles began his acting at St. Mary's School, Nairobi and continued to hone his craft at The Kenya National Theatre. He quickly gained recognition and moved on to television where he acted in the popular TV shows Makutano Junction and Better Times. Later on, he appeared on several other programs like Higher Learning.

He has starred on the big screen including the critically acclaimed film "The First Grader" on ADA activist and the world's oldest student at the time, the late Kimani Maruge. He has progressed to writing and directing and is currently on tour in Europe with other Kenyan artistes.

Watch the video to hear more about ADA from him:

Ian Wainaina, Dancer and Choreographer, Kenya

With an absolute passion for dance and music, Ian has been involved in the entertainment scene in East Africa for more than ten years. As an artist with a wide range of performance interests, he has staged variety shows, performed in concerts, been judge and producer for dance competitions and choreographed many artists and events.

Ian is keen to share his enthusiasm for music and dance and teaches a wide variety of dance styles. Ian's music is influenced by exposure from different music artist in Kenya and internationally. Currently, he is a judge on Kenya's Citizen TV's popular Sakata Dance Competition Show.

The video shows him talking about his support for Age Demands Action.

Eva Pilarova, 73, singer and actress, Czech Republic

Eva PilarovaEva is a Czech singer and actress. She has been singing professionally for over 50 years to wide acclaim; in the 60s and 70s she won the Zlatý Slavík (the Golden Nightingale, a music award voted for by the public) three times, in 1967 she won the International Intervision Song Contest and she was also awarded the Grand Prix du Disque for her interpretation of "Requiem”.

She is considered to be one of the best voices that Czech pop music has ever had, and remains popular to this day. She continues to sell out concerts and perform to huge audiences in her native country.

Eva has spoken out in support of the rights of older people in developing countries as part of the Czech Age Demands Action campaign.

More Age Demands Action supporters

Wole Soyinka supports Age Demands Action.
Min Bahadur Sherchan supports Age Demands Action.
Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate

Min Bahadur Sherchan, the oldest person to climb Mount Everest
Gcina Mhlope supports Age Demands Action.
Stephen Lewis supports Age Demands Action.
Gcina Mhlope, South African actor, poet and storyteller

Stephen Lewis, former UN Special Envoy

International Day of Older People is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the contribution older people make to their families and communities...

Archbishop Rowan Williams

Getting older doesn't mean you're worth any less than before. As an older man I'm still playing and recording music better than I've ever done.

Hugh Masekela

Older persons are among the poorest and most marginalised in society today, but they offer an enormous potential for development tomorrow.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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