Age Demands Action campaign manual

We believe that older people are the best advocates for change on the issues that affect their lives.

This campaign training manual aims to strengthen older people’s knowledge, skills and confidence to grow as campaigners and change their communities and societies for the better.

Introduction & appendices

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Find out how to use the ADA campaign training manual and its various units.

Download the introduction (2.3mb). Also in Russian (2.6mb).

Unit 1: Age Demands Action

Age Demands Action! (c) Alexandra Vydmanova Learn about the ADA campaign, and the growing momentum for a UN convention on the rights of older people.

Download unit 1 (3mb).

Unit 2: What is campaigning?

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Understand what campaigning is, and how it relates to advocacy.

Download unit 2 (2.7mb). Also in Russian (3.5mb).

Unit 3: Campaign strategy

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Find out about the different elements of a campaign strategy so that you can develop your own strategy and assess its effectiveness.

Download unit 3 (3.3mb).

Unit 4: Campaign context

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Get a better understanding of the key elements that make up the wider campaigning context.

Download unit 4 (2mb). Also in Russian (2.9mb).

Unit 5: Campaign issues

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Picture what your ideal society would look like, and think about what campaign issues are likely to gain popular support in your context.

Download unit 5 (2.2mb).

Unit 6: Objectives

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Learn the terminology that is used in campaigning. Explore and define your own campaign objectives.

Download unit 6 (2mb).

Unit 7: Stakeholders

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Understand who your campaign stakeholders are, the influence they have and identify key campaign targets.

Download unit 7 (2mb).

Unit 8a: Messaging

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Develop your campaign message by focusing on its main points and principles, and become an effective messenger.

Download unit 8a (2mb). Also in Russian (2.2mb).

Unit 8b: Communicating messages

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Know how to prepare properly for meetings with stakeholders, including how to follow up on points that were discussed or any actions agreed.

Download unit 8b (2.3mb). Also in Russian (3mb).

Unit 9: Plans & support

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Think about the different types of campaign tactics and develop a campaign plan.

Download unit 9 (2.7mb).

Unit 10: Monitoring & evaluation

(c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Understand what monitoring is, and how to track the progress of your campaign at different stages.

Download unit 10 (2.5mb). Also in Russian (2.9mb)

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