Age Demands Action Steering Group

Older people are at the centre of our work to tackle age discrimination.

Our Steering Group of older activists inform the direction of HelpAge's campaign work and represent older men and women in global and national decision-making processes.

To find out more about the Steering Group members, click on the images below or read our blog.

Tilahun, 79, Ethiopia. (c) HelpAge InternationalTILAHUN, 79, ETHIOPIA:

"I have been part of Age Demands Action since it started, seven years ago.

"I am the ADA Delegation Coordinator in Ethiopia over the years, I've joined marches, collected petition signatures, met with decision makers, spoken to the media, and participated in exhibitions and workshops.

"I have also given many speeches at official events on matters related to ageing and older people.

"In the past 15 or so years as a pensioner, I have been working to improve the lives of older people. I serve older people by giving them a voice in our society.

"I am one of the founding members of the Ethiopian Elderly and Pensioners National Association (EEPNA) and the Addis Ababa Pensioners Association (AAPA). I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Health and have also worked as a nurse."

Support older activists like Tilahun. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

Laila, Steering Group member from Kyrgyzstan. (c) HelpAge InternationalLAILA, 72, KYRGYZSTAN

"I have been a part of the Age Demands Action campaign for three years. I’ve taken part in conferences, round table discussions, collected petition signatures, met with decision makers and been a media spokesperson.

"In Kyrgyzstan, older people have limited access to social services and are vulnerable to poverty.

"I always identify the needs of older people and vulnerable groups and try to solve their problems by advocating their interests and promoting their rights."

Support older activists like Laila. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

Margaret, 71 from Uganda. (c) HelpAge InternationalMARGARET, 71, UGANDA:

"I have been a part of Age Demands Action for seven years.

"I was also selected as spokesperson for older people in 2009 and have presented petitions to the authorities. I have met decision makers, spoken to the media and even taken part in talk shows.

"Older people are a crucial part of the community and must be entitled to all human rights.

"I am a retired civil servant and was head of the department for Elderly and Disability in the Ministry of Health.

"My passion is ensuring older people live in good health and have access to the health services they need."

Support older activists like Margaret. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

Sara, 72, Argentina. (c) HelpAge InternationalSARA, 72, ARGENTINA

"I have been part of Age Demands Action for six years. I have taken part in the campaign in several ways. For example, I've distributed flyers on older people's rights, presented petitions to the authorities, interviewed decision makers on older people's issues and taken part in radio and newspaper interviews.

"It is important to uphold human rights because all people are different, we are unique and have a story that makes us unique.

"For everyone to be equal, we must respect both the dignity and autonomy of all. This can be achieved by acting in solidarity with others."

Support older activists like Sara. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

Jean Charles, 69, Haiti. (c) HelpAge InternationalJEAN CHARLES, 69, HAITI:

"I have been part of Age Demands Action for four years. I have collected petitions, met decision makers and also spoken to the media.

"Older people deserve to be treated well, without discrimination. Our communities must do everything they can to protect and safeguard the rights of older people.

"In the past, I have been responsible for a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of HIV testing. Thanks to my efforts, they began screening in my neighborhood, testing over 500 people."

Support older activists like Jean Charles. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

If we want to tackle age discrimination, we need to keep pushing ageing up the political agenda via older people’s voices.

The importance of investing in and supporting campaigning and supporting activists who will make informed decisions about our Age Demands Action campaign, is a critical part of our work. We have formed a steering group of older activists who will make decisions about the direction of HelpAge campaign work.

This group will represent the interests and goals of older campaigners and older peope's associations. It will operate as a non-executive board of HelpAge campaigns and will meet three times a year.

The role of the steering group members will be to share information and issues from campaigners at the meetings and feedback to older people. They will be the key focal point between HelpAge International's campaign team and older campaigners from their regions.

Elizabeth, South Africa. (c) HelpAge InternationalELIZABETH, SOUTH AFRICA:

"I have four children and 13 grandchildren. I used to manage paralegal programmes at Diakonia Council of Churches for 23 years.

"As an older person myself, I’m hoping to do as much as I can on older people’s issues, especially in other countries and regions.

"Working with HelpAge's partner in South Africa, MUSA, is great because they bring young and old together. I have worked with them since 1982.

"Age Demands Action has made a big difference to MUSA and older people. They now know how to report issues like abuse, they know their rights and feel empowered."

Support older activists like Elizabeth. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

Chaudary, 65, Pakistan. (c) HelpAge InternationalCHAUDHARY, 65, PAKISTAN:

"I've been part of Age Demands Action for seven years. I have experience attending and organising meetings and conferences at the national and international level.

"I have closely worked with human rights and other ministries and met with high profile officials.

"Older people are an important part of society; they have contributed so much to its development.

"They have needs and concerns that should be addressed in a dignified manner."

Support older activists like Chaudhary. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

Crispulo, 70, Philippines. (c) HelpAge InternationalCRISPULO, 70, PHILIPPINES:

"I am the Vice President of COPAP, the Confederation of Older Persons Association of the Philippines, which has a national network of older people’s organisations. This allows me to represent the views of older people at grassroots level.

"I’ve been a part of Age Demands Action for four years. For the campaign, I’ve marched for social pensions and collected petition signatures. I’ve also met members of the House of Representatives, and the Senate, among others.

"Older people are important pillars of the community; we’re responsible for nation building. We should not lose our human rights when we get old."

Support older activists like Crispulo. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

Fatik, 53, Nepal. (c) HelpAge InternationalFATIK, 53, NEPAL:

"I have been a part of the Age Demands Action campaign for eight years. I have brought together older people working on ageing issues to mark the International Day of Older Persons.

"Ageing issues are of global importance. The world is undergoing significant demographic changes. It is estimated that by 2050, the global population of people above the age of 60 will exceed the number of younger people.

"Research has shown that elder abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation are issues facing older people around the world.

"As I have been the director of the Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN) for the past six years, I have been engaging in activities to advocate for older people's rights.

"It's terrible that older people are often uncared for and discriminated against in society."

Support older activists like Fatik. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

James, 69, Zambia. (c) HelpAge InternationalJAMES, 69, ZAMBIA:

"I have been a part of Age Demands Action for eight years. I have presented petitions to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and questioned the Government on farming inputs and health policies, as they do not include older people.

"I am a retired Colonel, having worked for the Zambia Air force and in civil aviation for over 25 years.

"I represented Africa in Eastern Europe to lobby for support for older people and I have also met Zambian cabinet ministers, including the President, as a representative of older people."

Support older activists like James. Sign our petition for a convention on the rights of older people.

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  • Nadia Alhashim (02 November 2016)

    I am working with my team for the rights of the older people, her most of the older people have no pension or any other sources to fund their expenses even for food and health. we form a committee from different parts of the community in Gaza strip to prepare a sheet of laws that concern the all issues of older people, with the help of lawyers and other effective persons.
    Aged Care Association (ACA) -Gaza strip-Palestine

  • CONSOLATA CHESANG' (08 August 2016)

    I have a passion for campaigning for the older people
    HelpAge is doing great works globally and they motivate me more

  • Molly Grace Apio (24 February 2016)

    Old age is what we all crave for. no one wants to die young but we all want to live long meaning that we all want to reach our old ages and yet those who have managed to reach their old age are under looked, devalued and abandoned. lets all join hand and work together for the well being of our older persons because some day God willing we shall all reach there and experience the same misery older people are facing today

  • Mosharraf (23 January 2016)

    Age demands action (ADA) is the campaign program to include in global platform of the older people with a view to protect the people who have already crossed sixty with a comprehensive program.

  • Evelyn (23 April 2015)

    Great work you are doing for the elderly to get recognition and support by govrnments am interested in starting something for the elsrely in my village to create awarenss and would like to get get in touch with someone already doing this.We will all reach there whether we like it or not so why not prepare our own paths when we are still energetic and age gracefully. Any volunteer services I can offer?

  • Edgardo M. Buenaventura (02 February 2015)

    I am a member of aksyon2015 via the GCAP Philippines among the urban poor in the philippines. I am 62 years old already. Being an advocate in the national level among the older people i so much hard, even there are already organizations of senior citizens, that of COSE Philippines, Senior Citizens Party List, the Offices for Senior Citizens Association (OSCA) and Federation of Senior Citizens Association in the Philippines. Minding that our country is a 7,101 islands so that advocacy, and championing, direct work, organizing, mobilizing, network and accessing direct services is intermittent, seasonal, short reached and unsupported by funding. Championing also demanded by sectors who are more marginalized like the informal settlers, the poorest indigenous peoples and women who bear the brunt of extreme poverty. I hope i can be of help through Action2015 for older people, locally here.

  • Sade (13 January 2015)

    Age is a solid ladder which we have no choice in climbing. Wether we like it or not we must go up.

  • Rev Elizabeth Adongo (29 December 2014)

    Old age is blessing,you cant use money to buy old age,so respect the aged.May the Lord bless all aged in the Global World

  • Rev.Leonard Romanus (23 December 2014)

    The aged are human that deserves respect,care and love, we own them this kind of support

  • Clovis Ebot Obale (23 December 2014)

    The death of an old man in Africa is synonymous to putting a library on fire.Old people are resource persons they should be protected.

  • Tina Francisco (23 December 2014)

    I will be turning 60 next year and already I am embracing the next phase of my life. I am inspired by the efforts of Help Age and have shared your articles with our elderly leaders. I have taken active part in helping take care of the health needs of our elderly within my sphere of influence. I can start there. It may be small but I know it helps. Thanks, Help Age!

  • rahulsocialservicesociety (22 December 2014)


  • Rosette Fien Forkom (22 December 2014)

    we are here because of the old people.

  • Mbalanga Francis (22 December 2014)

    Thanks you for work in older people campaigns.May God bless!

  • Dr.Rana Chowdhury (22 December 2014)

    Thanks for your nice cooperation

  • Dr .Nassir Mozdic Jamal (22 December 2014)

    "Old is Gold"-Positive unmatched contributions of older citizens.PROSPEROUS 2015 To All HelpAge Volunteers.

  • ONGOM RUFINO (22 December 2014)