Template exampleYou can download HelpAge templates for PowerPoint presentations, publications and stationery from this page.

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint template (2.7mb)


Word templates

Guidelines on publications design.

Report with heading only on front (223kb)

Report with title, image and message panel on front (411kb)

Briefing with title and text on front cover (70kb)

Report with message panel and pattern on front (570kb)

Practical guidelines template (727kb) and instructions on how to use template (700kb)  

InDesign templates

Briefing with image and text on front (2.1mb)

Report cover with options for images and message panels (7.3mb)

Report inside with options for spreads (4mb)

A5 brochure artwork (5mb)

Newsletter artwork for designers

Click here to see newsletter artwork and guidelines on how to do newsletters.


Templates without a logo are for use with pre-printed paper.

Letterhead with logo (Word) (60kb)

Fax coversheet (Word) (54kb)

Business cards (InDesign) (27mb)

Compliment slip (InDesign) (26mb)

Address labels (Illustrator) (1.4mb)

Folders artwork (InDesign) (12mb)

Logo paper artwork (InDesign) (866kb)

Useful downloads

Publications overview (1mb)

Logos and more

For logos, typefaces and other basic elements to use with the templates visit the basic elements section.