Our new position

Our clear, distinct place in the world.

This position guides the type of programmes we run and how we develop our advocacy work, the way we behave, our office and working environment and how we communicate.

What "Age helps" means for our work

Programmes and policy

  • Formalise older people’s input into programming
  • Replicate projects that support older citizens monitoring and creation of older people’s associations
  • Develop programmes and collect evidence to demonstrate age helps

People and behaviours

  • Acknowledge and challenge negative attitudes towards older people
  • Build staff expertise and retain expert staff
  • Recruit and promote older staff as the face of HelpAge

Environments and channels

  • Make offices age-friendly – accessible and welcoming
  • Use age-friendly channels such as story telling and radio


  • Ensure age helps is reflected in written and visual outputs
  • Build capacity of older people to tell their stories – citizen journalism
  • Engage all Help Age staff in brand values
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