Age makes a difference

The experience. The expertise. With age comes a deep understanding of the way things were, the way they are, and the way they could be. The contribution older people make to society is invaluable.

Of course, growing older is not without its problems, which can prevent people from reaching their potential. We’re experts in age and the issues it can bring.

Driven by the desire to find solutions to the problems older people face worldwide, we campaign tirelessly to put these issues on the agenda of governments and the public the world over.

We work with and for older people to help them achieve good healthcare, financial security and inclusion in their communities.

We’re proud of our achievements to date, and the growing strength of our international network is helping us reach out to more people than ever before. We are helping age to make a difference to the world.

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Older man from Kyrgysztan. Photo: Kate Holt/HelpAge International.

With age comes experience, expertise and understanding.