Donor visibility

We need to display appropriate versions of our donor's logo on materials funded by them to provide visibility to their support. However, the HelpAge International logo and brand must always be the prominent brand and logo on our materials.

Remember most donors want to be seen as funders of the work but may not endorse the content of the material so never portray materials as jointly-branded with a donor unless specifically asked to. In most cases, donors will insist that you do not make it appear as if the material was published by them through disclaimers etc.

Also, remember that safety of our staff and efficacy of our operations comes first. So consider if having a particular donor featured on materials may have an adverse impact on the success of the programme or security. Particularly in fragile contexts and conflict situations, if a donor's logo puts the perception of our neutrality and impartiality at risk, most donors will be willing to discuss waiving their visibility requirements.

Please read the HelpAge donor visibility guidelines before proceeding.

Donor Logos and Guidelines

Detailed guidelines and versions of each individual donor available below.

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Donor Visibility Guidelines

Donor visibility guidelines (1.9Mb, PDF)

Visibility database

Quick cheat sheet to check each donor's requirements.

Visibility guidelines database (1Mb, XLS)