Message panels

Messages are the words used in our visual communications, written in "two parts" and placed in overlapping message panels. We never present this unique style of message in normal text style, or any other design other than the overlapping red and orange panels.

The person of wisdom is the person of years.

Whether acting as headlines or short, stand-alone statements, messages reinforce our age helps positioning. They sit inside graphic panels which link visually to our logo and colour palette.

As well as supporting our positioning, they can tell a story or provide information that’s relevant to different communications.

Message panels

Brand messages reinforce our age helps positioning and their design is a visual link to the HelpAge logo and colours. As well as supporting our positioning, they help us demonstrate the impact of our work, they can tell a story or give information relevant to a particular communication.

Download the resources to the right to create the graphic panels and ready-to-use panels.

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