The HelpAge logo

The overlapping panels represent the link between what we do – helping older people, and our positive view of ageing – age helps.

Use the logo with freedom. There are no rules for size, position or clear space – just whatever works for each application.

Look at the examples in the "Our brand identity" section to see how.

Logo overview

Download HelpAge logo overview (108.50 Kb)

Logos for use by staff

Staff can download png versions of the logo below, for use in Word, PowerPoint and on the website.

A jpg version is also provided, in case of problems with the png version.

Download HelpAge logos for use by staff (221.17 Kb)

Logos for use by designers

Designers can download eps files for printed publications below.

We recommend you use the full colour logo for all printed publications.

Download HelpAge logo eps file for full colour printing (566.47 Kb)

Download Helpage logo eps for black and white printing (560.56 Kb)

Download HelpAge logo eps file for 2 colour printing (567.39 Kb)

Download HelpAge logo eps file for 3 colour printing (567.67 Kb)

Logos in other languages

Download Spanish (Latin American) (ZIP, 1Mb)

Download Haitian Creole (ZIP, 1Mb)

HelpAge International Global Network Logo

Download from this page


For any enquiries about the HelpAge brand, please contact the London brand team at

or phone +44 (0)20 7278 7778