Our colours are warm and friendly, and the strong hues help our communications stand out. The core colours are used for brand message panels, and to highlight, and give emphasis to, text, headings and charts.

But don’t use too much of the core colours. White is the backdrop for all designs, it keeps communications fresh and legible and allows the warm palette of colour to sparkle.

HelpAge grey can be used where a neutral colour is needed.

In Microsoft programmes (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) use the following colours from the standard palette: Red, Dark Red, Orange and Grey-40%.

For publications and the web, use the colour formulas given below.

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Wherever possible, please use uncoated 100% recycled paper.

PANTONE standards

*PANTONE® standards are shown in the current edition of the Pantone Colour Formula Guide.

The colours shown on the left and throughout the website have not been evaluated by Pantone, Inc. for accuracy and may not match Pantone Colour Standards.

Please note that the colours shown here are reproduced for the web. They are not a true representation of the *PANTONE® colours.