Basic elements

Basic elements


This section contains guidelines on logos, colours, and typefaces that make up the basic elements of the HelpAge brand.


HelpAge logos

HelpAge International is the official trademark name of the HelpAge International secretariat which incorporates the London, regional and national offices.
Use the HelpAge International logo on materials published by HelpAge International. This includes materials published jointly with other organisations.
The HelpAge global network logo may be used on HelpAge International materials published jointly with network members.
Network members may use the HelpAge global network on their materials, either on its own or with their own logo, to show they are part of the HelpAge global network.
HelpAge global network partners may not use the HelpAge International logo as this is our official trademark. This also helps us control and manage our reputation.
Various formats of the logos are available here.
If in doubt, please contact the London Brand team:
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Use and positioning of the logo

The logo should normally be place on the right, except on websites where it should be placed top left in accordance with the WorldWide Web Usability Guidelines.
Always take care to retain the correct proportions. Do not stretch or distort it.
Logo positioning

Co-branding and donor visibility

When co-branding with partner organisations or donors always aim to place the HelpAge logo first, especially if HelpAge is the lead organisation. 
For more details, read our brand guidelines. You can download a copy to the right of this page.

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Our colour palette helps to create a consistent visual identity that is easily identified with our brand, both in print publications and digital channels.
We have a primary colour palette for use in the majority of publications
and digital communications.
Core colours
needed for categorisation or clarity.


We use Lexia or Verdana. 

The Lexia family of typefaces is used for all professionally designed and printed applications. 
Lexia typefont
If you need the Lexia typeface (which is a paid-for typeface) then please get in touch with the Brand team via

We use Verdana for all Microsoft Word documents and presentations, and for online applications.
Verdana typeface
We use the LLRubberGrotesque typeface for Age Demands Action for headings only. 
To obtain a copy of the LLRubberGrotesque typeface, please get in touch with the Brand team via
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HelpAge brand guidelines

Download PDF


Contact the London brand team: or +44 (0)20 7148 7628