Network affiliates and partners

Building the brand

We want our brand to be used as much as possible. It will increase our reach, impact and brand recognition and give us the ability to deliver our vision in more places to more people.

There are two groups who use the HelpAge brand:

1. Our core organisation and network affiliates. They share our core vision and are aligned with our values and manifesto. In short they think and act as we do. Those who are most closely aligned can choose to adopt our design style. We call these sisters.

Those who share our goal but have a different working style, or an established brand themselves, just add our network endorsement to their communications. We call these cousins.

Download Network Logo for use by Affiliates (1.44 Mb)

2. Any other organisation with whom we work, whether on an occasional, project or one-off basis. We call them partners. Partners can add our core brand to communications for specific projects in which HelpAge is involved.

The HelpAge brand framework paper sets out the detailed criteria for defining our members and partners.

Page 12 of the Brand Guidelines sets out how to brand joint work.

Download Brand framework (62.72 Kb)

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