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WHO report: Data on older people living with HIV

29 July 2014

Marking a good week for HelpAge's work on HIV, the WHO's Global Update on the Health Sector Response to HIV, that was launched last week recognises the health-related challenges faced by people in their 50s and older living with... Keep reading


UNAIDS report features new HIV statistics and the ageing of epidemic

22 July 2014

UNAIDS has launched its annual global report, the "UNAIDS Gap Report". For the first time there is a dedicated section on people aged 50 and over which explores what it means to be an older person living with HIV.... Keep reading (2 Comments)


Serbia: Older people and emergency responses

02 July 2014

It is a well-known fact that some groups are more vulnerable than others during emergencies. Older people can definitely be categorised as such. There are recommendations on how to help older people during emergencies, how to treat them, how... Keep reading


World AIDS Day 2013: Our work to tackle HIV

29 November 2013

In 2008 HelpAge embarked on a five year journey to address the impact of HIV on older people and their families. With funding from the UK Big Lottery Fund, we worked with partners in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania... Keep reading


Great ambition at the UN General Assembly

02 October 2013

Last week I attended this year's UN General Assembly, which had a strong focus on reviewing the Millennium Development Goals and discussing what the future Sustainable Development Goals should target beyond 2015. The peak of the week was the... Keep reading

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