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Changing the lives of older refugees in Gambella

21 January 2015

I recently flew to Gambella, which I had heard is a very intimidating environment, as the dire situation of the refugees, coupled with harsh conditions of weather and lack of amenities, could make my field visit very difficult. Well,... Keep reading


An insightful, entertaining and impactful ADA campaign in Southern Africa

23 October 2013

This 1 October, the UN International Day of Older Persons, our Age Demands Action campaign across Southern Africa was impactful, insightful and entertaining. In South Africa, HelpAge Affiliate's Sabona Sonke made a huge contribution to the issue of older. Keep reading


Great victory for thousands of older people

07 October 2013

1 October 2013 marked the 7th year of our Age Demands Action campaign. Campaigners in 59 countries took part in this massive global campaign. It was an extremely successful day and we want to thank everybody across the world... Keep reading (2 Comments)


Restoring older peoples sight in Sudan

28 May 2013

Since 2003, HelpAge International has supported older people and their families in Darfur by providing access to free medical services and eye care. As part of our recent Age Demands Action on Health activities, HelpAge organised several eye camps... Keep reading


Partners for better health in Haiti

01 July 2011

Older people in Haiti now have better access to health care and medical treatment thanks to an agreement signed between HelpAge and three public health centres to provide free services. "This is my first visit here and I was... Keep reading

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