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Survey results in - what do people around the world really think about ageing?

13 Sep 2010

surveyThis year, as part of Age Demands Action, we are doing a survey to find out what people around the world really think about what it's like to get older.

People in 48 countries worldwide are taking part in this survey so we can get a real global view on whether the world is getting better, worse or staying the same for older people.

We are asking people of all ages to complete the survey so that we can find out how older people are treated compared to other age groups – are they able to access healthcare and basic services? Do they feel valued?

Over 2,000 surveys completed!

We have had an amazing response so far with over 2,000 surveys completed already so thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill it in.

It really does only take a few minutes, so if you would like to tell us how you think it is to get older in the world at the moment, please click here.

So, what do the results tell us so far?

  • 70% of people over 60 are unable to access healthcare when they need it
  • 74% do not have enough income to pay for basic services like water, electricity, food and decent housing.

These figures alone show us that more needs to be done for older people.

97.8% of people expect to be valued when they are considered ‘old’

  • Awaiting surveyJust over 50% feel that older people are valued in society today BUT
  • 97.8% of people expect to be valued when they are considered ‘old’.

This is a huge difference! And if you want to be valued when you reach older age in the future,  we need to act now to change these figures.

As you can see, this survey is giving us a real idea of how older people are treated in society and how things need to change in the future.

As we get more results, we will keep updating you to let you know what we find out so come back soon!


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